An Unprecedented Partnership to serve High-Net-Worth Investors

Kamal Bhatia Co-Head, Joint Venture, OppenheimerFunds 

OppenheimerFunds is partnering with The Carlyle Group to bring global private credit investing to high-net-worth (HNW) investors and advisors.

Our goal for this joint venture is simple. We’re looking to deliver a consistent and diversified stream of income to the HNW community by tapping into the potential of the private capital markets.

Historically, by investing in private capital markets like direct lending and private financing, institutional investors have been able to capitalize on the unique market premium. We’re looking to provide the non-institutional segment with the same access to such strategies, along with the potential for stronger risk-adjusted returns in a market environment defined by low yields and rising rates.

“HNW investors want income solutions that require the hard work of complex portfolio construction and hands-on risk management in a low-return world, given their wealth profile,” said Kamal Bhatia, OppenheimerFunds’ Head of Investment Solutions. “We will approach the market as one team.”

“Carlyle and OppenheimerFunds prize innovation and a dedication to delivering for investors over the long term.”

Mark Jenkins
Head of Global Credit,
The Carlyle Group

Kamal Bhatia

Co-Head, Joint Venture


Mark Jenkins

Co-Head, Joint Venture

The Carlyle Group

Official Press Release

OppenheimerFunds and The Carlyle Group today announced a new joint venture which will provide global private credit opportunities for high net worth (HNW) investors and advisors primarily focused on the U.S. market.

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